"Working with Ankush has allowed be to become a more service-orientated, loving, and powerful leader and coach. He has shown me what it means to build powerful professional relationships that has led to numerous business opportunities and engagements. His coaching style is honest, raw, and empathetic. Our conversations have involved a combination of business strategy as well as transformational coaching which has created sustainable shifts in the way I think, lead, and show up in personal and professional life."
Jaineel Mistry
"To my shame, I underestimated Kush. Earlier in my journey I was not able to notice or appreciate just how masterful Kush was as business coach. But after having my first conversation with him I soon realised this. His work has made a profound impact on me, not only in terms of income, but also in terms of how I now show up as a husband, musician, coach and thought leader. But make no mistake – this is a partnership. You’ll need to show up like you mean business, and I’m immensely proud of how I throw myself into the coaching process, but without Kush’s world-class coaching there’s no way I would be where I am now. Whilst working with Kush I have launched and sold out a new group programme, signed up new 1:1 clients, started writing a new magazine column, formed crucial new business relationships and taken countless new actions in my day-to-day working that I would previously never have thought to take. If you actually want what you say you want, and you’re prepared to feel uncomfortable and take action to get it, then stop reading this testimonial, send him an email and get on a call with this guy… "
Nick Bottini
"My apprenticeship with Ankush:

I had my first conversation with Ankush 2 years ago as one of our mutual connection and his client then connected us. At that time, I wasn't sure how Ankush can help me. I was working with another coach at that time. We got connected in Facebook and Ankush has sent me few resources even when I was not his client. Earlier this year, I had this "Oh Shit" moment about getting stuck and unclear on creating clients for my coaching business. That's when I saw Ankush's FB post on the free webinar he is doing with Steve Chandler on the exact same subject. I signed up and got a lot of value. Ankush followed up with an email with an opportunity to work with him for 3 months at a lower price. Without even needing to think, I replied "YES" to his email.

In my first conversation, his first question to me is something I needed to hear but not ready to hear! It opened up so much possibilities for me. I took action and things starting to improve. I rarely had any potential client conversations the previous year and in the first few months working with Ankush, I started having more conversations than I have ever had in the previous 2-3 years combined! During the middle of the starter package, I decided to myself that I will continue working with Ankush. When I signed up for 6 months, he gave me the option to work with him for a year which seemed like a no-brainer to me. When I was about pay the invoice I remembered something about his mention on apprenticeship. I never discussed that in detail. I got curious and we got on a call to explore what it means to be an apprenticeship. To be honest, I was a bit nervous signing up for that, not just because of the money aspect, but something Ankush told me- There is no hiding here!!! Are you ready to play full out?? I had another conversation to gain some more perspective and guess what there was absolutely no pressure from Ankush! I said "ABSOLUTELY YES" for apprenticeship.

It's going to be 2 months soon since I started the apprenticeship! I see myself learning and growing so much. I am filling my calendar with more conversations and I have signed up 3 clients so far in the last 2 months. This was one of the BEST INVESTMENT I made for myself. Ankush's support, his coaching and helping me see things differently has been so instrumental so far in my growth and I am forever grateful for his love and support. I still have a long way to go in my apprenticeship and I am so eagerly looking forward to learning & growing, serving my clients even more powerfully and building a thriving heart-centered coaching practice. "
Pradeepa Narayanaswamy
"I wouldn’t be where I am if it hadn’t been for Kush. I wouldn’t be enjoying my current levels of peace, happiness, impact and productivity if it weren’t for him either. I wouldn’t have the loving relationship I have now with my family if it weren’t for him either. He has had a direct positive impact in my life, for who he has been within and without our calls.

What I love from him is his commitment towards excellence. And mine has ignited thanks to his, I am eternally grateful for so. I am absolutely thankful for having met him, for our conversations; you can certainly say without a doubt that my life is at least 100 times better because of him.”
Alfredo Cuzcano Cossi
"I am coming to the end of my apprenticeship with Ankush and I can quite confidently say that it was another good decision that I have made in regards to working with Ankush. I have previously worked with Ankush for around two years and when I decided to start coaching as a profession it was an easy decision for me to continue with that with Ankush as he is extremely skilled, well-rounded in coaching ability and grounding (all of which are important to me, most particularly the last one). Although the apprenticeship has primarily been of a personal nature rather than the intended business nature, due to some events that happened in my life this year, Ankush has continued to serve well above what I expected and has helped me to be a better coach. The service and value that Ankush offers within this apprenticeship is extremely valuable and the resources he has supplied to me will continue to be of great value for years to come. I would fully recommend anyone who wishes to grow as a human and as a coach (or just the human!) to fully consider Ankush’s apprenticeship programme above all other programmes."
Stuart Rawlins
"I have known and worked with Ankush for several years now and have had numerous coaching sessions and attended his seminars. Ankush is one of the best listeners- he is incredibly good at picking out my blind spots. I also find him very relatable, humble, honest and easy to approach. He has given me amazing coaching sessions in diverse topics including business, family, relationships and even spirituality."
Kimberley Soni
"When Kush offered me the opportunity to apprentice with him, even though my budget was 1/3 the price of the apprenticeship, I knew in my heart I had to make it happen. And now 6 months into the apprenticeship, I could not be happier that I did. The apprenticeship is so much more than just twice as much coaching. In Kush I have found a true partner, both in growing my coaching business and in becoming a happier, more grounded person.

What I think makes Kush so unique and impactful is his ability to blend the deep inner work with the super practical aspects of growing a coaching business. He is a master at this. One week we may be talking about the deepest aspects of human life, how the mind works, how our experience of life is being created, and the next week we may be discussing coaching agreements, or refining an email to a prospective client. It’s Kush’s ability to seamlessly integrate the spiritual and the practical that makes him so damn good at what he does.

I am infinitely grateful to have Coach Kush as a partner in my journey. I came into the apprenticeship feeling like an amateur coach and now I'm a professional. I came into the apprenticeship with a seriousness around my life and my coaching, and now I have a greater sense of joy, fun, and carefreeness. So If you have been given the opportunity to apprentice with Kush, I'd highly recommend you take it. It just might be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. I know it was for me."
Dan Levin

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