Private Coaching

Whether it’s personal, business or relationship coaching, our work together is designed to help you transform your life beyond measure – at a fundamental level. It is a collaborative process where together we co-create a new and different future for you.

At its very heart, our coaching partnership depends on YOU, i.e., what you want to achieve, create or overcome. My job is to support you through our ongoing conversations and supplemental resources, so that you can see your new world begin to take shape before your eyes.

"I wouldn’t be where I am if it hadn’t been for Kush. I wouldn’t be enjoying my current levels of peace, happiness, impact and productivity if it weren’t for him either. I wouldn’t have the loving relationship I have now with my family if it weren’t for him either. He has had a direct positive impact in my life, for who he has been within and without our calls.

What I love from him is his commitment towards excellence. And mine has ignited thanks to his, I am eternally grateful for so. I am absolutely thankful for having met him, for our conversations; you can certainly say without a doubt that my life is at least 100 times better because of him."
Alfredo Cuzcano Cossi

Think You'd Like to Work With Me?

Before you answer, there are a few things you should know about me and my coaching style to help ensure we’re a good fit:

  • I don’t follow a particular approach to coaching.
  • I am only interested in working with people who truly want to change.
  • I won’t give you the answers, but help you realise them for yourself.
  • I treat our time as sacred and request my clients do the same.
  • I never judge.
  • My confidentiality is assured.
  • I’m not cheap – my fees start from £6,000 plus VAT for a 3 month engagement (6 sessions).

In addition, here’s a little more about me and my passion as a coach:

First and foremost, I’m not just another life coach. This profession is my passion. I’ve put in 1000s of hours into my development as a coach to ensure that I can have the greatest impact on my clients…and I never stop. I’m constantly evolving, developing and growing as a coach and as a human being. My clients are super important to me AND I care about them so much I am willing for them to hate me. I’m also not a blunt tool – one of those coaches who just shout at their clients and go all “high flame”. I care about being effective, and care even more about my clients’ transformation. I am collaborative and willing to challenge them. I care about them having a deep shift and lasting change.

It has been my great privilege to personally coach a wide variety of extraordinary human beings. I have worked with individuals as young as 17 and as old as 64. I’ve worked with CEOs of multi-million dollar corporations and owners of family businesses. I work with entrepreneurs, lawyers, investors, corporate managers, musicians, professional coaches and creative and resourceful students.

Still Interested?

If you’re ready to explore coaching together then click below to start a conversation. Coaching is an intimate service and it’s important to ensure we are a good fit. I’m happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have before moving forward. Serious and appropriate inquiries only.

Sessions can be conducted over the telephone or via Zoom. All compensation is paid prior to the first coaching session and is non-refundable

Get a Glimpse of the Principles Behind My Coaching

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