Powerful Men's Group

The Powerful Men’s Group is a Facebook community that I set up in 2014 for men who are aspiring towards excellence in their lives, whatever that means to them. This is not your average self development Facebook group. There is no cost to join the group, but admittance is not automatic. To apply to join visit: The Powerful Men’s Group

In the past I have coached members of the group live via webinar on any issue that they wanted coaching on. These coaching sessions give the tiniest glimpse of the kind of transformation that occurs during my Immersion events for men which take place in Herefordshire, England.

Here are some of the previous webinars of me coaching:

Interested in Working Together and Having Your Life Transform?

If you’re ready to explore whether we could be a good fit for coaching then click below to start a conversation. Coaching is an intimate service and I’m happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have before moving forward.