Ankush Jain - Life Coach, Mentor & Author

My name is Ankush Jain and I am on a mission to change the coaching industry and believe that a rising tide lifts all boats. I work with people to improve their relationships, communication, income, confidence, self-esteem and so much more:

1. The AJC Coaching Career School – I aim to make this the best school in the world for coaches to grow their coaching practice ethically and to grow the movement in the industry to make this as lucrative a profession as any other. 

2. Powerful Men’s Immersions – these are unparalleled programs for men that culminate in a week long retreat in Sussex, England. Men attend from all over the world to tap into their inner power and BE a different man when they leave. 

Through this work, I help clients to be more effective at home as well as in the workplace and creates lives that they didn’t even think were possible.

Ankush Jain

Who I Really Am

In 2022, I hired Steve Hardison, The Ultimate Coach, undertaking a 10 hour coaching agreement with him. A lot of these sessions focused on the creation of my “document” which is a set of declarations I say every day in the morning and before I got to bed. These are not the same as affirmations. They were created through a specific process that Steve Hardison has created including forgiving myself for all the judgements I was holding against me. 

This document is the most important document in my life and serves as my manifesto or north star.

My Background as a Coach

Relationships, communication and money were areas I struggled with.

There was no training available within the company I used to work at so I found coaches and mentors externally. The training I received had such a transformative effect on me that I decided to take this out to the world.

I started coaching in 2012 and immediately began working with private clients online from around the world including those in senior managerial positions. In 2015, as my coaching business grew, I pursued this career full-time and also started training multiple other coaches. 

This work is my focus and passion and I continue to receive training myself which continues to create change in my own life and business. I have worked extensively with Steve Chandler since 2014. 

How We Can Work Together

Private Coaching

I offer private, individual coaching which is designed to help you transform your life. The way I work with clients is completely tailor made depending on who I am working with, what they want to achieve and what comes up in any particular session.

Executive Coaching

I offer bespoke executive coaching which is designed to help you transform how you show up at work. The way I work with clients is unique depending on who they are, what they want to achieve and what we discover in any particular session.


This is the most impactful way I work with coaches. For those who are serious about cultivating a prosperous & sustainable practice in ethical ways. We speak every week for 90 minutes and there will be time for us to meet in person as well.


A 7 day men's group residential experience in the English countryside where we dive deep and ensure this isn't just a seminar high, but a permanent shift. These Immersions are one of the best personal development programs in the UK, aimed at creating a deep transformation in your life.

Download a free chapter of the book Sweet Sharing by Ankush Jain

Get a glimpse of how powerful the understanding of The 3 Principles can be to transform your life and know more about how your mind truly works.

Build an Impactful & Sustainable 3P Coaching Practice

If you are a coach who has been trained in the 3 Principles or is interested in this understanding in a coaching context and has always wanted to create more clients in an ethical way without working every hour under the sun, this is the course for you.

Some of what we cover includes:

  • Why rapport is so important, what we mean by rapport and how this ties into both making an impact and increasing your income.
  • Why listening at a really deep level to your clients enable the keys to real client transformation
  • A practical way to approach your fees which lead your income to consistently increase over time
  • 6 x laser coaching sessions with a detailed breakdown after each one on a variety of topics