What’s The Value of Attending a Men’s Group Programme?

What’s The Value of Attending a Men’s Group Programme?

Men’s work or being part of men’s groups has been some of the most rewarding personal development work I’ve ever done.

I can’t talk for everyone, but being in a space where I was around other men – and men only – allowed me to open up in a way that I couldn’t do in mixed groups. It also gave me a space to talk about things that I may have been reluctant to discuss with my male and female friends.

Some insights from attending men’s groups or programmes impacted me in every area of my life, from work to relationships to income. If it wasn’t for some men’s programmes I attended over ten years ago, I may never have become a coach myself and gone on to run my groups and programmes for men.

Men’s groups are wildly different from each other. They are not a one-size-fits-all all. Certainly, I found out that in the world, there are men’s groups which focus on the polarity between men and women. Some men’s groups are really physical and take people out into nature and take us away from our creature comforts. And then there are my own men’s groups that are quite different to this. These are really grounded in the spiritual and psychological understanding of the **Three Principles, **along with the workaround Being that I’ve been introduced to by Steve Hardison to facilitate a deep and powerful shift in the men who attend.

Ultimately, whether you should attend a men’s group is down to your own judgement. I suggest someone attend a men’s group if it makes sense to them to do so.

A while ago, I had an interview with Michael Neill. He is a world-renowned transformative coach, bestselling Hay House author of 5 books and a weekly radio show host. I was very fortunate that he offered to conduct a webinar for my Powerful Men’s Group, where we talked about being a powerful man and where he took questions from the group. Check out the video below to listen to this conversation.

With love and appreciation,
Ankush Jain
Coach and Author of Sweet Sharing – Rediscovering the REAL You


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