What The Powerful Men’s Immersions Are All About

Powerful Men’s Immersions

I’ve been asked this question a number of times and there’s always some challenge in answering it because each immersion is different and explaining it in words don’t make justice for the depth of this experience. But I’ll try anyway.


You see, these Men’s Immersions I do are highly experiential. We often have 12 men from all sorts of backgrounds travelling from all over the world to cohabitate in person for days as we explore the nature of our human experience and how we are getting in our own ways from what we want in life.


No subject is off the table. Be it business, relationships, health, sex, money, self-image or anything else that might be on their minds. We have the time and space to explore it all. Despite the wide range of specific topics we end up discussing (see below for examples), the fundamental shift on offer here is an understanding of how the human mind works as a catalyst for change.


Just so you can have an idea, some men reported leaving the immersions with a deeper knowing of who they really are, others with an increased awareness of the present moment, more compassion for themselves and others, some becoming more powerful leaders or seeing life-long bad habits fall away naturally.

Much of what men take away from these immersions is actually a deep shift in who they are being in life. It’s about helping men step into the power of their true selves.

Last week we finished our first (of two) Men’s Immersion of 2022. It was a 7-day residential stay in the English countryside, including accommodation and teaching materials. 

But not only that, these immersions also include 6 months of online pre-work culminating in the in-person event, an individual 30-minute laser coaching session with each attendee and individual private 60-minute coaching calls with me (max of 4).


I’ve never experienced anything as powerful as this for men in my life. This is specifically the kind of program I wanted to attend as a participant and exactly the reason why I created it – And yet this is not a program about me. 


All I do is create the space for transformation to happen. A space where men can really slow down and connect with themselves. A space for men to step into that part of us that is beyond words, concepts or ideas. A space for support without any judgement.


Here’re the topics chosen by the attendees that we addressed during our last immersion:

– Speaking my full truth
– Love more freely
– Systems for silence
– Being more consistent with my belief in my wisdom
– Have boring things become fun again
– How do I use the 3Ps to do anything?
– Uncovering our own deep dark sh*t
– Realise that I can be fulfilled when creating in life
– How to have faith in God or wisdom, which equals being guided or having certainty in wisdom.
– How to be unstoppable
– How to be more comfortable being me
– How can I see that success doesn’t equal grind
– How do the 3Ps apply to ADHD
– What I am vs who I think I am
– Having less fear and judgment
– How to overcome resistance to talking about deeper stuff, including sex
– Seeing less distinction between work and play
– Having more peace with my own genius
– Operating less on autopilot and being more present


To make things more real for you, one of our former attendees, Alex Manzi, made a podcast episode about the biggest learnings he got from attending the November Immersion in 2021. It was, in his words, “one of the most intense but loving events I’ve ever been a part of”.

You can check the episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjeYQcF77nk

If you are interested in participating in our next immersions or know someone who would be a great fit for this, please let me know by sending me an email at ankushkjain@gmail.com. I appreciate your recommendations.

We are now officially sold out for our next Immersion in October 2022. This is the fastest the immersion has sold out and we’ve had so much interest in people wanting to attend. However, I still have more places available for the 2 Immersions we’ll have in 2023.

With love and appreciation,
Coach and Author of Sweet Sharing – Rediscovering the REAL You 

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