What It Means To Be A Powerful Woman with Rohini Ross

Ankush Jain and Rohini Ross discuss what it means to be a more powerful woman and a more powerful human being.

Use the links below to get to the webinar highlights:

00:00 – Introduction to the webinar

01:33 – Rohini’s background

03:28 – What shifted in how Rohini looks at power

07:10 – Insights on achievement and freedom

11:55 – The power of realising our humanness

15:55 – What gets in the way of our innate power

20:36 – Delight of realising the simplicity of life

28:29 – How no one has the power to make us feel anything

37:55 – Becoming in tune with our inner peace of mind

47:29 – Wrapping up

Contact Details:

To find out more about the upcoming group event for women in October 2021, The Powerful Women’s Online Program, please contact Ankush through https://ankushjain.co.uk/contact-me/

To know more about Rohini, please visit her website: https://rohiniross.com/

What It Means To Be A Powerful Woman with Rohini Ross

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