What is the Powerful Women’s Immersion – Debra interviews Ankush Jain

Debra interviews Ankush Jain on his upcoming Powerful Women’s Immersion. They discussed some of the questions Ankush received on what makes him, as a man, qualified or capable of facilitating a women’s group event.

Use these quick links to find the interview highlights:

00:00 – Introduction

01:42 – What qualifies Ankush to do a women’s immersion?

10:10 – Would the women’s group dynamic change with a male facilitator?

14:50 – Is the Immersion aimed at any group of women in particular?

18:59 – The importance of a smaller group size.

23:41 – You don’t need to know The 3 Principles to participate.

26:41 – Wrapping up

Contact Details:

To find out more about the upcoming group event for women in October 2021, The Powerful Women’s Online Program, please contact Ankush through https://ankushjain.co.uk/contact-me/

To find out more about Ankush, please visit https://ankushjain.co.uk/

Powerful Women's

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