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what if I fail in coaching? ankush jain

I was speaking to a coach the other day about this profession and I was saying that whilst it might seem easy for me to tell other coaches that creating clients is very doable because I now have a full practice and I’m a decade into this profession, it doesn’t make that statement any less true.

I’ve seen certain things that successful coaches do versus coaches who are not successful and I’ve found these comparisons always very consistent:

 Coaches who do become successful and are constantly growing both their practice and their impact are coaches who do a lot of coaching. There is an element of putting the hours in to really hone your craft as a coach and the more hours you spend coaching the better you get.

So I always encourage people, especially early on in their career, to focus their time on increasing their coaching hours up to the limit that they predetermined, instead of focusing their time on increasing their fees. Because the more hours you have, the quicker you’ll grow as a coach.

 Secondly, coaches who are successful are ones who work with a coach either in a group program or 1-1 to grow their coaching practice to become successful in this profession. This profession is an apprenticeship-based profession. It’s more of a vocation and like so many other vocations and careers, we really learn and grow through working with people who are further ahead than us – that’s exactly what I’ve done with people like Steve Chandler, Dr Keith Blevens and Steve Hardison.

Coaches who don’t do well typically don’t invest in their growth as coaches or certainly not to the same degree as coaches who are successful. I let coaches know when looking to enter the profession the kind of investments that I’ve made to give them a realistic understanding of what it takes to get to the next level professionally.

☛ Thirdly, coaches who are successful don’t just focus on the business growth or sales, they also focus on their own growth. Whether you call that spiritual growth or personal growth, they invest and spend time and energy becoming a better person.

All of this to say that although it can seem difficult or impossible at times to become prosperous as a coach, if you do these three things and you stay on the path it’s virtually impossible to fail as a coach.

Talking about prosperity, have you seen the latest interview I did with Steve Chandler for my coaching career school? One of the things we talked about is exactly why there are still many coaches who struggle to build their practices full-time based on service.



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