A question newer coaches ask me all the time is what do I actually do or what do you actually do? They hear of concepts like grounding or trusting your wisdom to show you the path. They might hear Steve Chandler speak about service but they still can get confused around the practical how-to of building their coaching practice.

The beauty of this profession is that there are so many different ways to run a prosperous coaching practice, especially with the 3P understanding in your back pocket. This might seem daunting at first but it allows us great creativity and freedom in our careers. I encourage all coaches to play and test out whatever works best for them (and this doesn’t stop anyone from asking other coaches about their approach).

The things that I find unites all the 3P coaches who are making a good living is that they do whatever they do really well and they have seen something really true for themselves. They bring love into their work and it really shows. Now, this doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey. I’m always learning and applying whatever I learn to my work.

The biggest impact on my work has been my own clarity of understanding the nature of the Principles. I’m seeing clearer and clearer the power of these universal principles in my life and in my clients’ lives. They are beautifully simple and it’s the simplicity which we can overlook.

In a world where everyone is giving you how-tos and strategies, look in the other direction. You might be surprised at what you find.


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