Jacquie Forde Interviews Ankush Jain at The Unashamedly Human Podcast

Jacquie Forde, the host of The Unashamedly Human podcast interviews Ankush on his journey into the 3 Principles understanding and his experiences creating the Powerful Men’s immersions.

This is a conversation that can inspire, heal, warm your heart and make you laugh whilst pointing you towards something that might just change your life.

We discussed:

  • Freedom to not take myself so seriously in life and in business.
  • The defining moment in my transition to becoming a coach.
  • Insights from failed relationships & current marriage.
  • Ego traps of “being a man” with my partner.
  • The transformation available at men’s immersions.
  • Why none of my work is scripted & what is at the foundation of what I do.
  • My biggest surprises upon understanding how our minds truly work.

Contact Details:

You can find out more about Jacquie and her work via his website: https://jacquieforde.com/

To contact Ankush about anything he mentions in this podcast, visit: https://ankushjain.co.uk/contact-me/




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