How to Transition to Being Your Own Boss with Jamie Smart

Ankush Jain and Jamie Smart discuss how you can transition from working for someone else to being your own boss in your coaching profession or in any other industry.

Use these quick links to find the interview highlights:

01:57 – Jamie’s journey to becoming his own boss

09:55 – What is really important to know before your transition

18:00 – The myth that you SHOULD work for yourself

20:59 – The most valuable qualities that served Ankush’s transition

31:55 – Why you are just as capable as us

36:04 – “Did you know you wanted to be a coach before transitioning?”

40:46 – Jamie’s detailed approach to create coaching clients

52:37 – The line between being a coach and socially relating

55:46 – Being IMPRESSIVE vs Being IMPACTFUL

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Webinar: How to Transition to Being Your Own Boss with Jamie Smart



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