Things I wish I’d known when I started coaching – Part 5

Part 5: 3 elements to being a successful coach

Ankush speaks about the things he wished he’d known when started coaching. In this part 5, he about the 3 keys to becoming a successful coach.

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Ankush: And there are really three elements, I know Jamie Smart’s doing some Masterclasses with you, so some of this has been informed by him and we had conversations around this. But there are really three elements to being a good coach in my opinion. And the first element is, really really know what it is that you’re coaching, whatever method you’re coaching, really understand that. And for me that’s really important because it’s different from impact. So your grounding in that, like I know people who’ve said, “well I’ve done an NLP course.” But do they really understand it, are they really grounded in it, and I’ve not done NLP. But when I’ve spoken to people who are NLP coaches and who are very successful coaches, they’re the ones that said, “oh yeah but I did it 5 times.” Or “I did it several times.” They really wanted to get a great, deep understanding of what it is that they were talking about, what it is that they’re using to help people.

So that’s kind of the first thing, and the second thing is impact as we spoke about. So you can be really grounded in what you’re teaching and you can walk the talk, but that’s not the same thing as being able to impact someone, so that they have a change in the way their life is. And we can see that in various fields, I remember I had a maths teacher, going back to school days, who was incredible, he was the smartest guy, so he was really grounded in his understanding of maths, but he was a terrible teacher. His impact was really very low. He would speak to the kids in the class… so it’s a different thing to have that impact, and again, this goes back to what I was saying earlier about practicing, this comes with time, this comes with experience.

And then the third bit is, kind of client acquisition if you like. And it’s funny because most people think that they need the client acquisition piece, and that’s what they spend their most time and effort and invest in, the latest course to get you clients, or words to that effect. Whereas actually what I find is that, spending time getting really really grounded in what it is that you’re using to teach, and then making sure that you’re making impact is what’s going to make the biggest difference to you as a coach, to you being successful as a coach.

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