The Power of Radical Honesty in Coaching with David Schwendiman

In this webinar, I interview my colleague and friend David Schwendiman on having radical honesty in coaching. David and I met in 2015 when we were both much earlier on in our coaching professions and attending Steve Chandler’s ACS coaching school.

Not only is David very funny but he’s heavily invested in his coaching practice and himself which manifests in his unique coaching style. If you have trouble being completely honest with your coaching clients, then check this out.


Use these quick links to find the webinar highlights:

04:40 – Why honesty can be so powerful

07:19 – David’s evolution into being radically honest

10:51 – A big distinction between a Social vs Coaching conversation

14:54 – Times when honesty doesn’t land for clients

23:18 – The importance of being radically honest with yourself

28:54 – David’s practice of sharing honestly

32:52 – Setting a safe space for this depth of honesty

38:30 – How do we know whether we share from ego or love?

44:03 – How radical honesty connects with The 3 Principles.

49:48 – Radical self-honesty vs Being hard on yourself

52:11 – Mastery: when to share so clients can listen

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