The Most Impactful Thing I’ve Learned From Steve Hardison

Ankush Jain - The Most Impactful Thing I’ve Learned From Steve Hardison

I was asked some version of this question on Saturday at the start of my 6 day retreat for men in England.

What a question. There has been so much that has shifted. It was impossible to narrow it down to one thing but I did my best.

Steve Hardison has helped me find my inner strength. He’s helped me create myself as the best version of myself…and I know this process has only just begun. I am BEING different in my marriage, in my coaching, with my neighbours and parents. I am being a different father and I’ve had moments when I forget and revert.

I huge impact of my work with Steve has been easing up on myself. If I spoke to anyone the way I used to speak to myself, I wouldn’t have any friends or loved ones. Perhaps you can relate. I’ve seen Steve demonstrate this himself. This self love. Self forgiveness. It’s huge.

You could boil it all down to saying that Steve has helped me to start to truly love myself because I have never done that before. Not really. Not truly. Not deeply. That’s a huge game changer. To treat myself as the love of my life. What a shift in being that creates.

The ripples of this are huge. If I truly love myself I automatically drop judgment of others. If I truly love myself I have more compassion for my spouse when they are struggling. If I truly love myself I am a better coach because I am more loving of my client. If I truly love myself I am more generous with my time, energy and resources. The list is endless.

Thank you Steve for this beautiful gift. It’s having huge roles in the world and I hope that includes in this group, through this post. I invite you to treat yourself, just this week, as an experiment, as the love of your life. Be kind, be generous, be forgiving, be loving.

With love and appreciation,
Ankush Jain
Coach and Author of Sweet Sharing – Rediscovering the REAL You


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