The Midnight Miracle – A Rare Audio of Steve Hardison with Ranjan Kumar

The Midnight Miracle! - A rare audio of Steve Hardison with Ranjan Kumar

Some of you may know that I’ve been involved in this Saturday’s event in Mumbai, India, called The Ultimate Experience Indian Edition.

The man who’s leading this project is called Ranjan Kumar and as often happens with projects like this, there are some tensions behind the scenes. I experienced my own version of these when I was helping organise The Ultimate Experience London Edition last year, which led to a conversation I had with Steve Hardison that completely changed the way I saw the situation and also completely changed the way I saw people.

Steve Hardison has a way of really seeing the greatest possibility for people way beyond what most people would think is possible or even probable. What’s even more unusual is that in creating Ranjan as the leader Steve could see him to be, Steve allowed a certain portion of that conversation to be recorded.

For those of you who know Steve Hardison know that this is a very rare occurrence and I know from the time I’ve spent with him, he doesn’t allow his clients to record sessions.

I wish he did. I wish I could go back over them and listen to the gold that he shared with me. However, whilst that’s not possible, I do encourage you to check out this recording of Steve speaking with Ranjan, which was dubbed The Midnight Miracle.


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P.S I hope to see many of you in India this Saturday! Make sure to grab your spot (if they still have some of it left) on their website.


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  1. So inspirational and such a great reminder: u get out what u put in… if u put in love you feel love, be love, love will blossom around you. Where there are flavours of messiness in one area of your life, you can be sure that those same traits will show up in other areas of your life. These are my takeaways x


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