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The importance of building commitment ankush jain


What I didn’t appreciate when I started coaching was how much of a difference the client makes to the outcome of any coaching engagement. I used to think that clients were buying me & my services and it was solely my job to create the changes that they were paying for in their lives.

I was only half right. I eventually realised was that this is a two-way relationship. My coach Steve Chandler calls it a 50/50 relationship. He says:

“50% of the outcome is down to the coach and 50% of it is down to the client.” – Steve Chandler

It really is a true partnership.

This brings me on to commitment, specifically within a coaching relationship. I’m committed to my clients. I’m committed to delivering a great service and having them feel they would have paid more for the service once they have received it. However, this is also dependent on the client. If my clients aren’t committed then it really impacts the power of the work we do together.

In my Men’s Immersions, I have been requesting higher and higher levels of commitment from the attendees as I’ve looked to make those programs more and more impactful. Now I create an agreement with anyone who signs up for an Immersion that they spend 15 hours of their time on the resources I send them over several months prior to meeting in person for the Immersion. I request they watch every laser session I do within two weeks of it being posted in our private Facebook group. 

I’ve noticed that the higher the commitment and dedication to the program the bigger the transformation people get out of it. This is true for me also as I’ve been committed to delivering the best program I can, even if it means removing someone who isn’t honouring their commitment. 

Something that helps people get committed is if they get a sense of what is possible in their lives and one of the most powerful stories I’ve heard of transformation and possibility is by Omar Wilson. A one-time drug dealer and prison inmate who, after being impacted by The 3 Principles, found happiness and became a mentor for young people affected by crime. Last year, in November, we had the pleasure of having him share his story at my Men’s Immersion in Sussex, which you can watch below.




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