The 3 Principles To A Happy Life | In The Moment Podcast

In this interview, Ankush Jain is in a rich conversation with Alex Manzi for the In the Moment podcast on the topic of how the 3 Principles understanding can help us live a happier life.

Alex put: “This episode is a brilliant introduction to what The 3 Principles are and how they have been life-changing for myself, Ankush and the many clients he has worked with.”

During this conversation, they spoke about:

00:47 Ankush’s self-development journey

09:38 What are the 3 principles?

15:46 “why does it appear that the external world creates a feeling within us?”

32:32 “what makes the 3 principles so different?”

48:12 “how do you overcome negative thoughts?”

53:46 “how can I be more present?”

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