The 3 Principles and The Power of Being with JP Morgan

Join Ankush Jain in an engaging conversation with JP Morgan as they explore the Three Principles and their practical implications in coaching. This long-awaited interview dives into the intersection of the Principles and Being. JP shares his perspective on how a deep understanding of the Principles can unlock the potential for both personal well-being and tangible results. The conversation delves into the challenges coaches face in getting paid for their work and offers insights on aligning the principles with business growth. Discover the power of love, service, and freedom in coaching and how they intertwine to create a meaningful and prosperous coaching practice.

00:00 Introduction
01:42 Exploring the Three Principles and Creating Material Outcomes
04:14 Aligning the Principles with Business Growth
07:44 The Role of Coaching as a Relationship and Self-Dialogue
09:32 JP Morgan’s Journey as an Entrepreneur and Coach
11:31 The Essence of the Principles: Love, Service, and Flow
27:44 – The desire to take the principles out into the world
30:49 – The experience of creating and surrendering
32:18 – Balancing in-doing and out-doing
35:04 – The subtle difference between waiting and watching
42:13 – Money in coaching: Love, service, and transformation

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