Talking About Coaching with Yannick Jacob

In this video, Ankush is interviewed by Yannick Jacob at the podcast ‘Talking About Coaching’, where they discussed various topics pertinent to coaches in their journey to grow professionally.

It is a longer interview, but Yannick’s great questions made it packed with great topics of discussion.

Here’s what they talked about:

  • Why it is crucial for coaches to keep investing in their personal growth.
  • The art and interplay between coaching and mentoring.
  • How important it is to embrace the mess up.
  • What the 3 Principles are and how it influences Ankush’s coaching.
  • The simplicity of inviting people to coaching conversations.
  • Proposals: What if you don’t need to make them?
  • “Stablish a full practice, then serve people all the time” –  Why that is backwards.
  • Some of the most impactful books Ankush read for coaches.
  • Should the coaching profession become regulated?
  • Ankush’s ways of dealing with certain clients

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