So Was is Worth it? | Ankush Jain & Steve Hardison

So Was is Worth it? | Ankush Jain & Steve Hardison

Please read this post about you and not me. Please ask yourself who you would need to BE to have an incredible transformation occur in your own life.

Just before I left Phoenix, I had dinner with Gary Mahler, Alan D Thompson and Chris Dorris at the same restaurant where the TBOLITNFL video was filmed!

During the evening, someone asked something along the lines of, so how was your BE WITH with SFH? I was finding it difficult to articulate exactly what happened but I remember saying, I’ll be able to really tell you the impact in a months time.


I intuitively knew that I wanted to wait and see the real impact of what we had uncovered in the session. I had a feeling it would be big but I wanted to see how big.

Well, today is exactly one month since my session and I can now say the impact was HUGE. I am not the same man that I was before I met Steve Hardison on the 17th December 2021. That session, that experience and the transformation that occurred in his office has helped unleash so much. It’s like I was driving a sports car in first gear and now I have discovered the gearbox.

To mix metaphors, the dam has truly been busted and my potential is pouring out into the world.
Some of you know that I am a full-time coach and have been doing this for 7 years. I have invested in myself significantly during this time and Steve Chandler would tell me that my professional self-esteem wasn’t matching reality. That has shifted.

Almost everyone I am speaking with since that session wants to sign up to work with me and either is paying or going away to find the money to make that happen.

This one thing that Steve saw around me accepting acknowledgements was the gateway to unlocking my self-esteem which was holding back my income and my impact from going to the next level. It’s insane how much of a shift has occurred in such a short time due to my self-esteem rising to an appropriate level.

I am speaking differently not only to clients and prospects but my wife, my friends and my parents. I am less reactive and defensive with my wife and with anyone who I consider being negative with me. I have a much higher level of self-esteem in all areas of my life. I am more confident about what I have to offer and I am not bothered about people thinking I am cocky, arrogant or “up myself”. I am truly just serving.

Steve told me that he’s a simple guy. He creates results in his life because he simply follows the instructions. Me too. I like that. I like simple. You want this – do that. I follow the instructions and bingo. I haven’t even finished the Ultimate Coach for the second time but I will. It’s the only book I am reading. Slowly and for impact. Considering the questions at the back of the book whilst reading it.

I have so much appreciation for Steve Hardison. I cannot really express adequately how I feel. I have been in personal development for 20 years and it is simply mind-blowing how I’ve found a completely new level to operate at and from. I’m looking forward to the next time I am in his office and the miracles that will be created.

NB. Photo was taken two days ago!

With love and appreciation,
Ankush Jain
Coach and Author of Sweet Sharing – Rediscovering the REAL You


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