What Service Really Means in the Context of Coaching with Melissa Ford

Ankush Jain and Melissa Ford talk about being of service in the context of coaching. As a result, they explore what service really means, why it is important and how to be of genuine service to others while growing your coaching practice.

Melissa is a business and life coach with more than 20 years of experience coaching entrepreneurs, executives, career changers, artists, etc. Moreover, she wrote a wonderful book titled Living Service.

Use these quick links to find the webinar highlights:

00:00 – Introduction to the topic of discussion.

05:00 – Melissa, her work and background.

11:53 – Melissa’s journey from trying to get clients to true service.

18:44 – How being of service in the context of coaching can look like.

23:18 – Why Melissa used to fear service.

27:45 – How long did Melissa take to be at this current professional stage.

29:52 – What can coaches do to learn how to be of service faster.

37:07 – “What if I don’t believe service works?”

41:47 – The myth of age being a limitation.

44:49 – Service as a foundation, regardless of coaching modalities.

49:23 – Advice for young coaches starting out.

53:24 – Why charging people money is an act of service.

Contact Details:

You can find out more about Melissa Ford by vising her website: https://melissafordcoaching.com/

For more business-related resources, please visit: https://ankushjain.co.uk/category/business/

service in the context of coaching

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