“Sell The Experience Not The Concept” – I heard this saying over and over again from my coach Steve Chandler and it made a lot of sense and yet I didn’t really implement it fully into my coaching business.

For years I would share the logistics of my coaching packages with clients (it’s 12 sessions over 6 months. The sessions last 90 minutes and the cost is £x payable upfront). I would share client examples with them and explain what I had got from being coached but when I switched to just really coaching people, things changed.

If a person is having trouble with their marriage, I can talk about how coaching with me or understanding the Principles can change things for them OR I can jump right in and start coaching them to the point they have insights around this themselves. There is a huge difference.


Because we are all so weary nowadays around anyone trying to sell us something. I have certainly been sold something in this profession which wasn’t quite what it was made out to be. People are, quite rightly, reluctant to spend money on something that they aren’t really sure will help them.

The beauty of being a coach is that the service we are selling (when done right) is excellent and incredibly impactful. Now if you are having lots of free calls with people who aren’t signing up with you, spend some time with your coach (or hire one) to explore what’s missing.


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