RSP 43: Overcoming Your Dating Fears with Alison Chan Lung

Overcoming Your Dating Fears with Alison Chan Lung


In this episode of the Relationship Series podcast, Ankush speaks with Alison Chan Lung about how overcoming our fears about dating can naturally create a better dating experience.

Some of what they cover includes:

– How our state of mind affects how we look at dating.
– When we realise there’s nothing wrong with us, we can enjoy dating more.
– How seeing dating as simply a new experience can help it seem less scary.
– How to allow our true selves to shine through on our dates.
– Realising that it’s okay if not everyone we date likes us.
– When we see that we are okay whether or not we’re single, the more we can enjoy dating experience.
– How we can choose to move past our previous relationships, and how this helps our new ones grow and thrive.


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