RSP 42: How to Have Easier Discussions With Your Partner with Dr Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe

In this episode of the Relationship Series Podcast, Ankush speaks to a couple of state of mind experts, Keith Blevens and Valda Munroe about having easier discussions with your partner.

Use these quick links to find the podcast highlights:

01:48 – Their background into the 3 Principles.

04:27 – How they deal with discussions in their relationship.

09:13 – Their secret to being married for nearly 4 decades.

11:16 – How state of mind rather than circumstances affects how we feel.

15:24 – Why there’s no need to control our thinking.

17:24 – The most powerful thing to realise when we lose our way.

21:40 – How our habits can cause strife without us even knowing it.

24:52 – Are conflict resolutions about being passive?

29:27 – What to expect from your own transformation.

32:17 – Their insights about being mad at each other.

42:46 – Why thinking we are absolutely right isn’t helpful.

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