RSP 30: Barriers to Connection Between You and Who You Love With Kara Stamback

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This week I interview Kara Stamback, M. A about the Barriers to Connection Between You and Who You Love.

Kara is a partner at Pransky and Associates, a consulting practice outside Seattle, Washington that’s been helping people for 35 years. She earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology and joined the practice 15 years ago. Most of her time is devoted to working with couples, developing online programs, and speaking at conferences and webinars both in the US and internationally.

Listen in to this episode and discover

– How to check in on your feelings in a relationship
– How to communicate your frustrations without offending & hurting those
you love


– Where problems in relationships come from and what they really teach
– What could possibly be getting in the way of you and your spouse
becoming closer
– How harmful judgement can be when we are communicating what we desire
from our spouses

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