RSP 20: Judith Sedgeman on Transforming Your Business And Influencing Others

Judith Sedgeman on Transforming Your Business And Influencing Others

This week I interview Judith Sedgeman who is a teacher, mentor and consultant. She spent 12 years on the faculty of the West Virginia University School of Medicine where she developed and taught courses for the Master’s Program in Public Health.

She remains an Adjunct Professor at West Virginia University teaching two graduate courses online, both focused on resiliency and mental well-being.

Her passion is to help others eliminate stress and access wisdom and resiliency.

In this episode we discuss:

– Judith’s introduction to the Principles behind our state of mind.

– The story behind Judith’s business transformation.

– The realisation that you can disagree with others, with grace and not have to get unpleasant or raise your voice

– Why someone with an imperfect state of mind cannot implement a perfect business plan.

– In working with clients on their business, helping them to see the problem is more impactful than telling them the solution

– Self-regulation and how it is a by-product of understanding what really impacts our state of mind.

– You need to take care of yourself and your own state of mind if you want to influence others

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