RSP 14: Don Deacy On Seeing Clearly and The Privilege of Carrying On

Don Deacy On Seeing Clearly and The Privilege of Carrying OnSeeing Clearly and The Privilege of Carrying On

This week I interview Don Deacey who is a state of mind coach, an acupuncture and Bowen therapist, a martial arts instructor and in a previous life was an ex-military policeman.

In this episode we discuss:

– How Don sees the relationship between physical therapies such as acupuncture and the state of mind coaching he does

– The impact on his own relationships of understanding more about the principles behind our state of mind

– What mastery means for Don and how this relates to the principles behind state of mind

– The Snow Globe metaphor which has enabled him to less reactive when he is caught up in his thoughts
– What changed for Dom to help him enjoy his relationships more

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