RSP 12: Jan and Chip Chipman on Understanding Divorce, Saving Marriages and Finding Your Happiness

jan and chip chipmanUnderstanding Divorce, Saving Marriages and Finding Your Happiness with Jan and Chip Chipman

This week I’m very fortunate to be interviewing one of my mentors, Chip and his lovely wife Jan Chipman. I’ve been getting mentoring from Chip for the past two months, which has taken my coaching to a much deeper level.

They are human relations consultants at Vantage Consulting Group, Inc. from Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.


Their work with Sydney Banks

Mentored by Sydney Banks from 1975 until 2009, they hosted many executive and couples’ retreats with him in North America and Europe. For 24 years while in Florida, they served a wide variety of organizations throughout North America. From companies specializing in the hospitality industry to not-for-profit services, prisons and substance abuse centers.

They currently enjoy sharing their understanding of the Three Principles from Salt Spring, through teleconferences, 1-1 Skype and telephone sessions. Also with individuals and couples who come to the island seeking a deeper understanding of the Principles.

They have seen countless people find happiness and flourishing relationships as their own wisdom emerges after being touched by the original books and recordings of Sydney Banks.

Chip is President of the Three Principles Foundation. At the urging of Sydney Banks before his passing in 2008, Chip co-founded, along with Elsie Spittle, the Three Principles School. The purpose of the school is about sharing the simplicity and purity of the Principles.

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