My Wife Doesn’t Understand Why I Am Spending so Much Money on a Coach

My Wife Doesn't Understand Why I Am Spending so Much Money on a Coach. Ankush Jain.

I’ve had many, many coaches say some version of the words above to me over the years. Perhaps they assume it was different for me.

It wasn’t.

My wife, who trained as a chartered accountant, thought I was foolish and financially reckless when I first hired Steve Chandler. After all, I hadn’t made the money back yet that I had spent over 2 years on the training programs I had enrolled in with Jamie Smart.

At that point, we had only been dating a few months and so we didn’t have much of a conversation about it. However, for several years every time I renewed with Steve a comment would be made or a “discussion” would be had. I struggled to see the inside-out nature of her words at times.

Now, many years later, this has drastically shifted. Not only my response but also her views and thoughts on coaching. So what happened?

At some point, I started to really start treating my expenditure on coaching, training and programs as business investments. I asked myself if I was in any other business and I was spending £X on investment, what would the return have to be for this to be a wise move?

Yesterday I spoke to someone enrolled in my upcoming AJC Coaching Career School and I suggested that he get really clear on how much additional revenue he wanted to earn in his coaching business as a result of the school. Once he had done that, to really commit to using the school to create that revenue.

With any coaching client I work with, I stress as we walk through our coaching agreement that this is an investment and that they get clear what ROI they are looking for. This is beneficial for them to know at the start of our work together and also for me to keep in mind as I work with them.

I believe that, like any good investment, if you are committed to getting the returns you want from investing in your business through a coach or program, you will not only get more “bang for your buck” but you may even find your spouse encouraging you to continue to invest in your business.



Whether you attend the school or not, I recommend you watch the video above and allow it to move you to greater levels of service in your coaching practice which will lead to greater prosperity in your business. 

In this video, we talk about the school but also Melissa’s journey with service, what changed for her and what service really means in this profession.

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Coach and Author of Sweet Sharing – Rediscovering the REAL You

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