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Provisional dates for AJC 2024 live weekends:

07.09 – 09.09 2024
30.11 – 02.12 2024
15.03 – 17.03 2025

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“Very few coaches can effectively teach the systems and secrets that lead to prosperity in this profession as well as Ankush Jain, and I’m honored to be a part of this school!”

Learn How to Create Clients

Creating Conversations

Who to speak to and how to invite them into a conversation

Renewals and Referrals

How to effortlessly have a practice where clients renew AND refer you to other clients


How to set them, when to raise them and how to talk about them

Social Media

Using social media to build your practice vs it being a time drain

Filling Groups

The difference between enrolling for groups vs individual clients

Become Effective
as a Coach


Creating agreements that lead to clients raving about your coaching vs a document that is forgotten


Effective use of homework to increase the impact of your sessions

Client Astonishment

What it really means to astonish your clients with examples

The Path to Mastery

Effective Listening

Taking your enrollment and coaching to the next level

The Paradigm

A guide that enables you to coach anyone in the world and unlock any of your own limiting beliefs

Continuous Improvement

Seeing coaching as a career that is a mountain with no summit

Within 6 Months

On the first edition of AJC

20 coaches created

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The AJC School Consists of

3 x 3-Day Live Weekends in Person in London

In-person intensives to catalyse your growth as a coach

7 x Masterclasses with Guest Faculty

Online masterclasses with world-class coaches and mentors

AJC Coaching Career School Private Facebook group

A valuable space to connect with coaches committed to building their businesses

Laser Sessions Throughout the 6 Months

Ankush will coach each member of the school on a practical topic for 30 minutes


Including books, audio and video resources to support each stage of your coaching journey


Monthly group Pre-Calls with Ankush focused on growing your practice RIGHT now. From April to August


Sign up now and you’ll also receive

Welcome Package

As soon as you sign up you will receive a welcome package including a never seen before video with Steve Chandler on coaching as a career, access to The Coaching Library online program and a copy of Sweet Sharing by Ankush Jain.

2 Private Coaching Sessions

You'll get a chance to work on your biggest obstacles and improve your client enrolment process straight away with 2 private 60-minute coaching sessions with Ankush via Zoom

Private Facebook Group Early access

Start right away learning from the group resources and don't miss any live webinar or laser sessions. The 2023 AJC Coaching Career School Facebook group is already opened.

5 Webinars Prior to The Training in Person

You'll have multiple opportunities to bring your biggest challenges around client creation to the group sessions and learn from watching others getting coached by Ankush.

Webinar 1 - 17th April | Webinar 2 - 9th May
Webinar 3 - 26th June | Webinar 4 - 24th July
Webinar 5 - 21st August


Our guest teachers will share their own insights, secrets and systems for creating clients and building a sustainable coaching career. These great and successful teachers are:

Class 1

Karen Davis


Karen Davis is an Executive Coach, Author & Speaker. After 25 years in leadership roles in business-to-business technology, Karen changed her life by serving and guiding the transformation of others. She became a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation and she’s been coaching, consulting, and facilitating leadership workshops for organizations such as Pfizer, Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard, VMware, Medtronic, and many other small to medium businesses since 2007.

Interview with Karen Davis for the school

  Class 2 

Dr Mark Howard

Dr Mark Howard is a Mentor and Coach who first brought The Three Principles into the mental health field. Since 1982, Dr Howard has been teaching clients, families, business professionals, mental health practitioners, and coaches about these Principles. 
He has developed a trainer of trainer program in both the US and the UK.

Class 3

Amir Karkouti


Amir is a transformative coach, owner of a San Diego based chain of restaurants, and author of numerous titles, including What The F**K Are The Three PrinciplesDo NOTHING To Get EVERYTHINGLessons From My CoachHappiness Formula, and others. Amir has worked with clients at West Coast Recovery Center in San Diego for over four years.  

Class 4

Keith Blevens


Keith Blevens has been teaching 3 Principles Science since he met Sydney Banks in 1977, and was mentored by him for 32 years. Sydney Banks was an enlightened man. Keith pioneered the use of the red paradigm line to precisely help people with the understanding that is now practiced. One is from the intellectual beliefs and concepts of this world we live in. The principles are from the spiritual understanding of the wisdom of the ages. Keith is now completing a book The Psychology of the Future: The New Science Ending Humans’ Suffering Needlessly. The second part of this book was penned by Sydney Banks. 


Class 5

Melissa Ford


Melissa Ford is a master business and life coach who helps people grow their leadership, impact, income and joy.

With over 20 years of experience, SERVICE is the cornerstone of everything she does. This value shines through in her books Living Service: The Journey of a Prosperous Coach, and as a contributing author to the #1 Bestseller, When All Boats Rise: 12 Coaches on Service as the Heart of a Thriving Practice.


Interview with Melissa Ford for the school

  Class 6 

Cathy Casey


Cathy Casey, BSW, M.A is a highly skilled and experienced trainer of the 3 Principles understanding. Her work ranges from corporate consulting with U.S. blue-chip companies through public sector organisations such as health and hospital programmes, government organisations, and juvenile and adult criminal justice systems. Cathy is especially known for pioneering the 3 Principles to prison inmates in the California Correctional System, including the infamous San Quentin Prison.

Class 7

Steve Chandler


Steve Chandler is the bestselling author of Reinventing Yourself, Time Warrior, and How to Get Clients and has been teaching coaches how to create a prosperous,
successful practice through his Coaching Prosperity School (the ACS) for many years.

He began his career in coaching by bringing his leadership and sales seminars into over 30 Fortune 500 companies.




London, The Rubens at the Palace Hotel and Masterclasses will be online via Zoom and Facebook


3 x Live Weekends:

• 1st – 3rd September 2023

• 24th – 26th November 2023

• 15th – 17th March 2024

Who Should Attend

Coaches of any experience level and with any background who want to create a long-term, impactful and prosperous coaching career that creates strong, reliable income.

Number of places

Limited to a maximum of 35 coaches


All you need to know about the school

Here you’ll find all the details about the school, including an in-depth view of the content, faculty guests, logistics and FAQ.


One-off Payment of £8,500

Plus VAT = £10,200 Save £3120!

6 Payments of £1,850

Plus VAT = £13,320

Coaching School FAQs

The focus of the coaching school is on making money ethically and creating clients. It’s not a school focused on how to coach although undoubtedly those who attend will become better coaches.

No, there will be no live streaming option and the only way to attend is in person. This is to ensure the best possible experience for those attending the school. You must commit to attending at least 2 of the 3 live weekends.

The masterclasses will be taking place online on Zoom and they will be recorded and shared in our private Facebook Group for the school. You’ll be able to attend live, ask questions and send in questions in advance.

Yes. All webinars, masterclasses and public laser sessions will be recorded and anyone who signs up for the school will have access to them once the school is finished to rewatch at their convenience.

No, accommodation and lunch are not included. However, there are various places to stay – either at The Rubens or close by – and there’re plenty of lunch options nearby. Tea, water and snacks will be provided throughout the live training.

*Special rates have been negotiated with The Rubens for attendees of this school who want to stay in their hotel during the live weekends.

If there is any preparation that either I or the faculty members suggest, we will communicate this well in advance.

This is a common question. Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Career Coaches, Executive Coaches and pretty much anyone in the coaching industry will benefit from the principles taught in how to grow a coaching business.

No. You may focus your career coaching people from any kind of population. Having a niche is not necessary to build a coaching practice. Yet, if you happen to already be connected to and enjoy working with a certain group of people, that can also be used to your advantage. There’re coaches who work by helping successful managers with their leadership, others with their careers (i.e Career Coaches), with intimate relationships or even who work with a certain methodology (i.e Positive Psychology). You might think you need to narrow down your work in such a way, but it’s not necessary.

Whether you’re just starting in your career coaching or are already successful in your practice, there are always new levels to reach. We’ve had coaches who attended previous schools who had already built a prosperous career coaching individuals who also took their businesses to new heights by committing to this coaching school.

Whether your career coaching executives has been based on work done internally for a specific organisation or externally working with businesses, leaders and successful managers, the operating principles taught in the school will help you create an even more prosperous practice.

The Venue

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About the school

It seems as if coaches are struggling as much today as they were a decade ago to create the kind of sustainable income, year in and year out, that they would make in other professions such as law, medicine, accountancy or IT. I know it doesn’t need to be this way. I’ve been helping coaches to create sustainable careers for many years now and after many requests, I am going to share everything I know. All the tips, ideas, strategies and client-enrollment, practice-building principles as well as guest teachers who have personally had a huge impact on my own coaching practice.

I’m Ankush Jain and I’m leading this 6-month practice building school for coaches wanting to build or grow a long-term sustainable career in this profession. Personal development has been a passion of mine for over 20 years and coaching for a decade. I love this profession and I’ve seen it grow over the past decade with more and more coaches graduating from a variety of coaching schools around the world. I want these coaches to be successful not only in their impact but also their financial success.

I’ve learned from the very best coaches and mentors in the world and not only about how to be an effective coach but on how to be financially successful. My own practice really took off when I hired Steve Chandler in 2014 and he has been my coach ever since, which has allowed me to enroll clients and build a thriving & prosperous coaching practice.


This year we have 17 Nationalities at AJC 2023

Ankush Jain

Ankush Jain


Ankush is a coach, trainer and published author. He has been coaching since 2012 and specialises in the understanding of the 3 Principles to help his clients create the future they desire. 

Stay on the path towards mastery