My Services

I’m passionate about what I do. I could help you make changes you only dreamed of. If we work together it can be a deeply transformative experience for you, if you are ready to take the necessary steps forward. I know coaching has been transformational for me as I’ve invested in my own coaches and mentors. I’ve experienced changes in my life that were far beyond my wildest expectations. I will not teach you lots of new information as that alone does not lead to transformation. We live in a world where almost any piece of information is available via Google. You will instead experience deep and powerful coaching.



“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.” – Tom Landry

I offer private, individual coaching which is designed to help you transform your life. The way I work with clients is tailor made depending on who I am working with, what they want to achieve and what comes up in any particular session. Sessions can be conducted over the telephone or via Skype audio. I do not work with everybody, but ensure we are a good fit first. Coaching is an extremely intimate service and confidentiality is guaranteed. If you are ready to explore whether we could be a good fit for coaching then get in touch via the contact me page.



I run a limited number of training events for specific groups including my Powerful Men’s Immersions and Powerful Women’s Immersions which are invite only events for men and women who aspire towards excellence in their lives. I have also run events for coaches and corporate training events within businesses and schools.



I have spoken to various groups ranging from between 5 and 50 people in the USA and Europe. If you would like to hire me to speak at your event or seminar, please get in touch via the contact me page.