My Document | Ankush Jain & Steve Hardison

My Document | Ankush Jain & Steve Hardison My Document | Ankush Jain & Steve Hardison

I want to give a huge acknowledgement to Steve Hardison for helping me craft my document. I must admit that I was at first skeptical about it but I’m 100% converted to the power of these declarations.

They are not simply affirmations but a by-product of a deep process that Steve led me through.

I want to thank Devon Bandison, Alan D Thompson Gary Mahler and Chris Dorris for guiding me to wait to create this document until I did the process with Steve. It’s nothing like what I would have created on my own.

These are my declarations. My statements. I smile as I read them every day. I have recorded myself reading them and this weekend I will record my father reading them with ‘Ankush is’ as opposed to I am.
I will record my wife reading them and Steve Chandler reading them too.

Even within a few days of me saying these, Morning and evening, I noticed a shift in my BEING. My self-image started to shift. My physique started to shift.

This is powerful!

With love and appreciation,
Ankush Jain
Coach and Author of Sweet Sharing – Rediscovering the REAL You


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