Meet the $200,000 ultimate coach! BNS Interview with Steve Hardison

Meet the $200,000 ultimate coach! BNS Interview with Steve Hardison

My friend Bns Srinivas has managed to get the scoop of a lifetime. He convinced Steve Hardison (The Ultimate Coach) to be interviewed for the first time ever. There are very few recordings of Steve being interviewed or recorded anywhere in the world. There is a whole story of what BNS had to do to even get Steve to consider interviewing him, but that’s a different story.

BNS is one of the most prolific YouTubers in India right now and was the first person in India to interview Wim Hof. His English channel has over 30,000 subscribers and his Telugu channel has more than 10 times that.

I am really thankful to Emily Penton for being part of the reason this happened, to Ranjan Kumar Varanasi for stepping forward to create The Ultimate Experience India Edition – which led to me connecting with BNS – and to Becky Robbins for going first and creating an excellent interview with BNS.

You can watch the interview below


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