Maximizing the Last Coaching Session

Maximizing the Last Coaching Session

Coaches often ask me about a situation where they’re coming to the end of a coaching package with their and they would like to extend the coaching agreement with them. Most of the time it’s a client that they have done some great work with and they would love to continue working with them.

The coach then asks me “How should I continue that work? What should I do in the last few sessions to have the client more likely to renew their coaching with me?”

My answer to them, which may or may not be what they want to hear is, by the time you get to the last session of your coaching package, it’s often too late to do anything that’s going to change the client’s mind from renewing with you or not.

Often clients have made up their mind way before the end of the coaching agreement whether they want to renew or not. And this is based on how good and how impactful the coaching has been and the actual results they’ve had in their life, business or relationships based on the coaching.

Now, if you’re not interested in the client renewing, then simply have a great final session. Let the client know at the start of your conversation that you’re going to have an exceptional final session. Make sure that everything is complete and that there’s nothing left, and wish them best going forward.

However, if you would like them to renew, it makes sense to ensure that throughout your coaching agreement, you are really focusing on what the client wants.

Part of what makes it more likely for clients to renew with you is by your constant commitment to creating deeper levels of impact in people’s lives. There’s a conversation I had with John Patrick Morgan a few months ago that will help you with that. Please watch it below.

With love and appreciation,
Ankush Jain
Coach and Author of Sweet Sharing – Rediscovering the REAL You



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