Lessons From Running a 3P Training Business with Rudi Kennard

In this 2017 webinar, Ankush Jain interviews Rudi Kennard, a well-known teacher of the 3 Principles for more than 10 years and one of the pioneers in facilitating high-quality trainings, workshops and retreats in the UK with most of the best 3P teachers in the world.

Now in 2021, looking at Rudi’s current level of success, it’s hard to imagine he had any big financial struggle with his 3P business. However, in 2017 they had an eye-opening and very honest conversation about the behind the scenes of his business back then and the main lessons he took from the setbacks he had along the way.

Here’s what they addressed:

00:00 – Introduction to the topic.
03:46 – Rudi’s story and background.
04:35 – The idea and quality behind Rudi’s 3P training business.
10:25 – Although with a fantastic training, the reason why it wasn’t financially successful.
13:58 – An honest look behind the scenes of creating a business.
16:16 – Treating your 3P practice as a real business.
18:18 – The failures and successes in Rudi’s journey.
20:00 – Why Rudi stepped back from his original plan.
22:28 – The power of focusing on essentially one thing.
27:05 – Rudi’s bankruptcy and priceless lessons learned.
29:08 – What really takes to build a 3P business.
35:45 – Constant evolution and learning as we go.
38:08 – Tips on creating successful workshops.
44:40 – Coming from heart centered service.
50:00 – Easiest ways to fill up an event.
54:35 – Taking the audience into consideration when creating a workshop.
57:24 – Rudi’s vision about his documentary on the 3 Principles.

Contact Details:

To find out more about Rudi, please visit his website: https://innateevolution.com/about-us/

For more coaching resources, please visit https://ankushjain.co.uk/coaches/


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