Lessons From Coaching With Steve Chandler

Join Ankush Jain and renowned coach Steve Chandler – The Godfather of Coaching – in this engaging conversation as they reflect on their eight and a half years of coaching together. You’ll gain valuable insights into the transformative power of coaching, the importance of trust and rapport, and the journey towards personal and professional growth. Discover how Ankush’s coaching experience with Steve has impacted his life, career, and relationships, and learn about the principles that have made a lasting impact on Ankush’s coaching practice. This conversation is a must-listen for anyone interested in coaching, personal development, and creating meaningful change.

00:00 – Introduction and reflection on the eight and a half years of coaching together
03:22 – Ankush’s initial motivation for seeking coaching with a focus on money
05:17 – The significance of trust, rapport, and creating a safe space for clients
08:41 – How focusing on service and providing value leads to greater success
11:58 – Ankush’s personal experiences with Steve going above and beyond
15:26 – The importance of internal change and transformation in coaching
18:10 – Overcoming resistance and building a heart-to-heart connection with clients
21:45 – Ankush’s journey of personal and professional growth through coaching
24:37 – The impact of coaching on Ankush’s prioritization and integrity
27:09 – Steve’s confidence in Ankush’s ability to create change
29:45 – The influence of coaching on Ankush’s role as a husband and father
32:18 – The power of being an example to others through our actions
34:05 – Ankush’s gratitude for Steve’s contribution to the coaching profession
36:17 – Looking forward to future collaborations and continued friendship
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