Interview with Dr Mark Howard | Ankush Jain Coaching Career School 2022

 Today I’m happy to share this video where I introduced Dr Mark Howard, who’s a colleague, friend and mentor of mine.

Last year we released our online course together for coaches looking to build their coaching practices in an impactful way and we’ve had great feedback on this. That’s one of the reasons why I’m so pleased that Dr Howard has agreed to be part of the faculty for my upcoming coaching school which officially starts in September – although the preschool has already begun.

Use the links below for the conversation highlights:

00:00 – Introduction & Deep listening

03:50 – Getting out of our own way as coaches

06:50 – Levels of listening

10:50 – How to deal with distractions of thought

12:50 – The impact of deep rapport with clients

18:05 – Genuine rapport vs looking as an expert

20:30 – The precursor of creating coaching clients

If you are interested in joining my school for coaches which is focused on creating clients, increasing your prosperity and growing your business in a way that is ethical and in line with your values, then check out this link:

The school lasts over 6 months, it will take place over 3 x 3 day weekends in London with some online delivery of masterclasses, laser sessions and some one-to-one with me. There is a lot more information on the sales page and a link to a longer brochure with a lot more information.

I personally believe there is nothing else like this. In the meantime, check out Mark’s bio below:

Dr Mark Howard is a Mentor, Coach and founder of the Three Principles Institute in Belmont, California, USA. He is recognized as one of the pioneers who first brought the Three Principles into the field of psychology.

Since 1982, Dr Howard has been teaching clients, families, business professionals, mental health practitioners, and coaches about these Principles. He has developed a trainer of trainer program in both the US and the UK and in 2008 he was awarded the “Outstanding Career Service” award by the Santa Clara Psychological Association for bringing the Principles education to Santa Clara County in the United States.

P.S Huge thank you to Felipe Bernardo who has been helping me in preparing for the school and has been incredible. Thank you also to Krystian Matusik who edited this video in an incredibly short space of time and continues to work tirelessly to a high standard.

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