Creating an Impactful and Sustainable 3P Coaching Practice

In this recorded webinar, Ankush Jain and Mark Howard have a live conversation and Q&A about the many topics they’ve addressed in their online course on creating a 3P coaching practice.

With a deep grounding in The 3 Principles, different perspectives and backgrounds, they’ve joined to create something incredibly unique for the coaching and 3 Principles community.

This course can be incredibly valuable to any Principles-based coach or practitioner. It is the missing link between a profound grounding in the 3 Principles – which creates impact – and having a solid coaching practice – which is sustainable long term.

Take a close look at all details of Building an Impactful & Sustainable 3P Coaching Practice course, including the free sample videos.

Here’re a few points covered by them:

00:00 – Introduction to the webinar’s topic
02:45 – Mark Howard’s background as a psychologist and with The 3 Principles
05:56 – What prompted them to create this unique online course.
14:41 – Why Ankush partnered with Mark specifically.
21:41 – How to create relationships with prospects when you don’t know where to start.
34:44 – The most effective thing to listen for when talking with a prospect.
38:49 – “But I don’t know who to talk to. Where do I find clients?”
41:15 – Why your grounding can be so powerful when creating clients.
46:46 – The simplicity in being of service.
49:15 – What to answer when asked “Are you a psychotherapist?”.
55:33 – Getting curious about what is behind their questions.
1:03:23 – What to do when feeling disconnected with clients during a session.
1:13:31 – The distinction between coaching vs teaching the Principles.
1:20:53 – What prospects actually cares about.
1:22:49 – Wrapping up & a gift for you.
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