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"I don't know who to talk to"

when I started coaching the biggest challenge and obstacle seemed to be finding people to talk to who could be potential coaching clients.

I would hear people say that clients are everywhere and I’d hear successful coaches talk about how they created clients from people they already knew, but I would dismiss that. I would think “Well, they probably know wealthy people or they have a different network to me”.

Yet, when I look back at my coaching career, many of the people who hired me – especially in the early days – were people who I already knew before I was a coach and never expected to become clients of mine.

I often tell coaches who have this same challenge around knowing who to speak to that if they stay on the path, at a certain point their problem won’t be knowing who to talk to or finding conversations to have. In fact, it will be the opposite. They will have so many people with whom they could talk that they’ll ask me how can they filter them.

Often they’ll look at me quizzically because it seems too good to be true, and yet I’ve seen this happen over and over again.

What they don’t understand – which I didn’t understand either when I was starting out –  is that when we really serve and give people a great experience of coaching, it helps them and if it helps them enough people will pay to continue the experience.

So all we have to do is look around and find people who could be helped by our coaching. But not just helped in a little way, it’s important to help people with something that is really important to them.

For example, let’s say I help people to have better relationships. If I just look around and find people who are struggling in their relationships and who want those relationships to be better, those people are likely to have conversations with me. There are many communities, both online and offline, where we can find people like that.

I’ll be covering more about this and other topics relevant to building your coaching practice in my coaching school.


I recently had the pleasure of recording an introduction video with Cathy Casey for my school, since she’s one of the faculty members for it and I’m excited to share this with you. Whether you attend the school or not, watch the video above which includes her incredible wisdom and her some of her background including her diverse background working with people in prisons as well as CEOs. 

In this video, we talk about the school but also why you don’t need a website, social media or an email list to be a successful and prosperous coach. We cover why clients are all the same and people are people and seeing this makes a huge difference as a coach. Who we are BEING as a coach is everything.

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