I Didn’t Understand What “BEING” Meant

I didn't understand what "BEING" meant. Ankush Jain

I had heard Steve Chandler and Steve Hardison talk about BEING; It’s not about what you DO but who you BE…and I kind of got it, but I didn’t really.

I was privileged enough to read an early manuscript of “The Ultimate Coach” by Amy Hardison and I was amazed, touched, humbled and inspired…but I didn’t really understand the term BEING as it was used in the book.

Since my ‘Be With’ session with Steve Hardison in December 2021, I am finding myself talking about BEING constantly. Something has shifted and I feel a deeper understanding of what the two Steves have been saying for a long time. It’s so simple and yet I didn’t see it before.

Who I am BEING has shifted so profoundly since the 17th of December that everyone is noticing. My clients are noticing that I am speaking differently with them. My wife has noticed that I am less reactive at home and a better listener. I FEEL different inside. It’s as if the handbrake on a car has finally been released. I have been UNLEASHED in the best possible way.

I made more money in January of this year than I did in my first 3 years as a coach combined! It’s easily my highest revenue month as a coach and I don’t think that is a coincidence. It’s not about the money but the money is a reflection of who I am BEing in the world. 

I am SEEING more possibilities in my clients than I have ever done. I am seeing life through a different lens.

Last month I spent a full day with a client of mine. I was BEING different with him compared to the last time we spent a day together. I was asking him who he was BEING and who he would need to BE to create the business he wanted. It was powerful. This has all coincided with me just finishing reading the book of BEING – “The Ultimate Coach”.

This isn’t a post about ME. This isn’t a post about Steve Hardison. This IS a post about BEING.

Steve told me he was a simple man. He simply follows the instructions. I know I have overcomplicated things for most of my life but not anymore. BEING is simplicity. Whatever we want to create, who do we need to BE?

It’s that simple. 

The Ultimate Experience, London Edition 


On the topic of BEING…

I have been enrolling people all week to join us in London on Saturday 30th April to hear and experience what is meant by BEING. It has been so easy to enroll people into attending because it’s the biggest no brainer in the world to me.

Both Steve Hardison and Amy Hardison have confirmed that they are attending and will be speaking there. All profits are going to charity and the price is ridiculously low at £120.

I know I thought for many years that hiring Steve Hardison was far out of reach for me. Well, this won’t be the same as a coaching session but it will be a great and rare opportunity to hear him speak about BEING. If this was ten times the price I would still recommend people attend. It would be worth it.

I know for certain that this event is going to sell out REAL soon.

This is not an event for coaches but as Steve put it, anyone in a “skin bag”. I am, however, requesting any coaches who are attending invite their clients along. I am inviting all of my clients and former clients to this experience. I am inviting anyone who is open to BEING a more powerful version of themselves. I repeat, this is not just an event for coaches.

If you live in Europe, get a flight, train, car or helicopter and be in the room. You will not regret it! I promise you that if you’re open to hearing what is said, it will be the best money and time you’ve ever spent.


With love and appreciation,
Coach and Author of Sweet Sharing – Rediscovering the REAL You


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  1. Thank you for BEING you Ankush. Thank you for your BEING the first time we connected and for all you do and have done since to BE of service to others. Thank you for pointing the way, to me and to others so we can simply BE all that we are, in each moment.


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