I Am That I make Being Indian Sexy – with Steve Hardison

I Am That I make Being Indian Sexy - Ankush Jain, Steve Hardison
I Am That I make Being Indian Sexy – Ankush Jain, Steve Hardison

I had a beautiful tuxedo made back in 2016 which I wore for my wedding reception. Sadly less than 12 months later I had ripped the trousers and they were unrepairable.

Since then, I’ve had the need to wear a Tuxedo a few times and I’ve turned to a tuxedo that I first wore 20 years ago. It was a “hand me down” from a family friend who has grown too big for it. I’ve had it adjusted but it still is a bit big for me.

Steve Hardison, the ultimate coach, encouraged me to really BE my document. I think about this every day. There is always a line or two that stands out and I step into BEING that. With regards to BEING what he called me – the sexiest Indian man on the planet – that included dressing like that.

This might not seem like a big deal. In fact I had told myself that it wasn’t. But I had started to pay less and less attention to what I was wearing. I justified it with thoughts of, being a dad my clothes get trashed anyway. I don’t need to be so into my looks. It’s too expensive.

I’ve now put those thoughts aside and put more care and thought into dressing well. And I feel great for it. It’s fun. I used to love dressing well. I’ve rediscovered that joy.

Today I picked up this custom handmade three piece Tuxedo from Ziggi Menswear and my Buddy
Satpal Ruprah in Birmingham, England.

The entire process was completed in under two months and was an absolute pleasure. (I highly suggest every man have a custom suit made at least one in their life. It’s an amazing experience).

It’s absolutely an indulgence. I absolutely don’t NEED it. And I love it. I loved seeing my wife face as I showed her. I loved my dad telling me he wants to get one now. I loved how it fits like a glove. I love it as a statement for who I AM BEING.

I cannot thank Steve enough for his love, guidance and support. It’s like we are jointly rewiring and recreating Ankush. I am finding, through hundreds of changes both small and large, that new levels of experience are possible. This is changing my life professionally and personally. I keep saying Steve is not a coach. He’s a magician. He’s a miracle worker. He’s a genius. And he’s helping me shine more brightly than I ever had before.

With love and appreciation,
Ankush Jain
Coach and Author of Sweet Sharing – Rediscovering the REAL You


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