How To Stay On The Path Rather Than Distracting Myself | Ankush Jain

How To Stay On The Path Rather Than Distracting Myself | Ankush Jain

I struggled with procrastination for so much of my life. Yet, I knew what I wanted to create – or I thought I did – but I would still be distracted by tasks that weren’t important or worse, spending time on social media or websites or playing computer games, which was slowing down my progress on the path I was on.

So how do we stay on the path and not be distracted?

That’s a great question. I don’t have 100% of the answer. But I can tell you a snippet that may be helpful to you.

The bigger the vision I aim towards, the easier it is to stay on the path. For example, when I had an idea of creating a coaching school last year, that motivated me in a certain way. It was edgy and exciting, and I focused on making that happen. This year, my vision is to change the coaching industry. I want to make it the norm (rather than the exception) that coaches earn six figures plus when coaching full-time.

This is a much bigger vision than last year and requires me to play at a much higher level. It’s much easier to stay on the path with the bigger vision because I’m creating something bigger than myself.

Now, there are other things because I also have to be mindful of my energy levels, money and creating systems to support that. But it’s a crucial part of the puzzle I wasn’t so aware of a year ago.

Someone who has been helping me see bigger visions for myself is Steve Hardison. He’s constantly speaking about what he sees as possible for me to create. Here’s an excerpt from one of Steve Chandler’s books in which he talks about Hardison’s undistracted attitude!


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