How to REALLY impact your coaching clients with Dr Dicken Bettinger

What creates a deep impact?

Ankush Jain speaks to Dr Dicken Bettinger about how coaches can have a deep and lasting impact with their coaching clients (and in fact any human being).

Use these quick links to find the webinar highlights:

02:08 – Introduction & Dicken’s journey to The 3 Principles.

09:29 – How Dicken has been so impactful in his work.

12:01 – The one thing that makes a difference in your impact as a coach.

19:56 – What it means to listen deeply to someone.

24:23 – How can I be more present?

28:13 – What helps in realising the 3 Principles understanding.

31:40 – What impact is.

33:41 – How to switch off the inner dialogue.

41:08 – What would it look like to work with Dicken?

46:56 – The importance of simplicity for coaches.

51:19 – The practical truth of the Principles.

55:36 – How Dicken works with coaching contracts

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