How to Overcome Bad Habits

How to overcome bad habits

Any habit that you have can be changed. This is one of the powerful implications of The Three Principles understanding.

Because a habit is just what happens when you take action based on a thought you have over and over again.

Just like any thought can change, habits can change too and they are not fixed in stone. 

After stumbling across the Principles in 2012, I found that I was able to change many of my habits, such as the habit of going to bed really late or my habit of not exercising.

Also, I’ve been able to create new habits such as regularly reading books that nourish my mind and soul and leaving my phone downstairs at night so I have technology-free evenings.

Regarding how I actually changed those bad habits, it was an internal shift first.

As I shifted my understanding around what thinking was driving my behaviour, I became more aware of those thoughts – I started to see the impulses I had to give in to my old habits as nothing more than the thinking I was believing at that moment.

Then, it became far easier to change my actions and create new habits that served me rather than follow the habits I was using to make me feel better.

Have you seen an interview I did with Dr. Amy Johnson on this topic?

–  Is there a difference between habits and addictions?
 – Amy’s journey of working through habits.
 – How habits are created and what lies beyond them.
– What to do to get over your bad habits.
 – Dr. Amy’s approach to working with her clients.
– Case study: how to help someone else quit smoking.
– The importance of being aware of your states of mind.
– Case study: Changing your identity to create good habits.
– How to deal with our biological impulses.


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