How to Operate Less on Autopilot and Be More Present

how to operate less on autopilot and be more present

How do you be more present?

This is a question I used to think about all the time. Ironically because I was thinking about it I wasn’t actually present.

I tried loads of things. Meditation, waking up earlier, eating healthier, working out…You name it, I tried it. Whilst these things were sometimes helpful in the moment, in general, I wasn’t any more present than when I wasn’t doing those things.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat healthier or work out or do yoga. But there’s something going on deeper in our thinking that has an impact on whether we are present or not – I like to call these misunderstandings.

See, when we are living with a bunch of misunderstandings (i.e. a bunch of assumptions about life that aren’t true) it leads to a busy and cluttered mind. For example, if I believe my happiness depends on having a certain amount of money in my bank – one, that’s not true, and two – believing that leads me to have a lot more thinking than if I didn’t have that belief. I’ll be worried about making the money or keeping the money or losing it and all that thinking takes me out of the present moment.

Now I, like most people, had so many misunderstandings that I wasn’t even aware of that it was no wonder I wasn’t present. Over the years as I’ve worked with people like Dr Keith Blevins and identified some of these misunderstandings I’ve had and let go of them, I’ve naturally become more present – I’m naturally more able to be with someone and really listen to them.

Check out this talk I gave years ago in Dublin to a group of women in which I spoke more in-depth about the misunderstandings I had in different areas of my life that kept me running on autopilot and what helped me break free from them.


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