How to Have an Effective Meeting With a Potential Client with Dominic Scaffidi

In this conversation, Ankush and Dominic Scaffidi talk about the details of creating corporate coaching clients, more specifically, how to make an initial meeting with potential business clients as effectively as possible. Indeed, despite minor differences, this process can also be applied to private coaching conversations.

Use the timestamps below for the webinar highlights:

01:50 – The process companies often use to hire coaches

07:20 – The mindset for effective meetings

13:10 – Basic content structure for initial conversations

24:00 – Listening for the desired outcomes of the coaching

29:07 – Give the experience of coaching

34:08 – The skill of deep listening

38:22 – “I am a good coach, I just can’t get clients!”

47:55 – There’s no way to go wrong with this process

52:45 – What indicates that a person is uncoachable?


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