How to have a healthy relationship with goals? | Ankush Jain

How to have a healthy relationship with goals? | Ankush Jain

according to The Three Principles understanding the achievement of goals doesn’t create a positive feeling in us and not achieving goals doesn’t create a negative feeling in us either.

The question I often get asked is, if that is true why do we do anything? Surely if the achievement of goals didn’t motivate us, then we wouldn’t be motivated to do anything.

Well, what I found is that the opposite is actually true. You can clearly see this in very young children, they are very amazing creators and they are not yet caught up in the misunderstanding that achieving a certain goal is going to make them happy.

I’ve also found this in my own life. The more I dropped my misunderstanding that achieving a certain amount of money or prestige or status was going to make me happy the more I became free to create whatever it is that I wanted to create. When I got out of my own way I became free to do whatever it is that I really wanted to do.

Not only have I seen this in myself, but I’ve also seen this with my clients over and over and over again.

Here’s a video of my mentor Keith Blevens speaking about this at the last Powerful Men’s Immersion that I ran:


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