How to Get The Most Out of Coaching | Ankush Jain Coaching Career School 2022

In this video, I am interviewing Karen Davis and Alex Mill on their remarkable book How to Get The Most Out of Coaching, which is proudly part of the curriculum for Ankush Jain Coaching Career School 2022.

Karen and Alex are two highly successful coaches who understand in great depth the value coaching can create in people’s lives, especially when people know how to make the best use of their investment.

Their book is much-needed and incredibly useful for the coaching industry, not only to give to coaching clients but also for us coaches to grow by learning from the perspective of our clients.

You can find written in the book’s description on Amazon:
“(…) coaching isn’t magic. All too often, people have the desire to improve but fail to achieve the exponential growth they deserve. It isn’t because their goals are unattainable or that they aren’t getting the right support from their coach; it’s due to a lack of basic understanding in how to get the most out of coaching. Simple tips and tricks can make a world of difference.”

Use the timestamps below to find the conversation highlights:
00:00 – Introduction
03:08 – Get clients to understand how coaching works
04:27 – The difference between consulting, coaching and therapy
07:47 – The impact of understanding how coaching works
12:50 – Examples of best practices
14:55 – How new clients can benefit from this book
18:16 – Setting up strong coaching agreements
21:21 – Dealing with uncommitted clients

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P.S Huge thank you to Felipe Bernardo who has been helping me in preparing for the school and has been incredible as always. Thank you also to Krystian Matusik who edited this video in an incredibly short space of time and continues to work tirelessly to a high standard.


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