How To Get Over Your Bad Habits with Dr. Amy Johnson

Webinar with Ankush Jain and Dr. Amy Johnson about how to get over bad habits in the context of The Three Principles understanding – originally broadcast on Wednesday 18th May 2016.

Use the links below to see the webinar highlights:
00:00 – Introduction
02:10 – Is there a difference between habits and addictions?
03:40 – Amy’s journey of working through habits.
07:29 – How habits are created and what lies beyond them.
18:48 – What to do to get over your bad habits.
25:45 – Dr. Amy’s approach to working with her clients.
28:18 – Case study: how to help someone else quit smoking.
36:50 – The importance of being aware of your states of mind.
40:10 – Case study: Change your identity to create good habits.
49:05 – How to deal with our biological impulses.


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How To Get Over Your Bad Habits with Dr. Amy Johnson


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